Your McAfee SECURE dashboard has a new look

We’re excited to announce a few upgrades to the McAfee SECURE dashboard that will make it easier to find what you need, so you can get things done faster.

Most noticeably, the dashboard has an entirely new look and feel, designed to make feature set-up simpler, navigation easier, and clearly alert you when something needs your attention.

Take a look:


New Setup Wizard

The newest and most exciting feature is our Setup Wizard.

It’s a great place to quickly implement your McAfee SECURE services—like configuring the trustmark, adding TrustedSite Reviews, and tweaking the features of your Identity Protection.


Easily Identify Issues

Our aim with the new design is to provide customers with a smoother user experience that not only makes their data more accessible, but also actionable.

As soon as you log into your dashboard, you will see a complete overview of your services. Our new color scheme allows you see the status of everything in your account, letting you quickly find  areas that need your attention.


Green indicates everything is in good standing, yellow means some items may need tending to, and red signals that there is an issue you should take care of right away.  

User Friendly Navigation

We’ve shifted the navigation from the top of the screen to the left. With the fixed navigation menu on the left side, you can easily jump to different sections of your user dashboard.


A Better Experience

This refresh is meant to improve your overall user experience. Log in and see for yourself!

If you have question or feedback about the new dashboard updates, email us at