How to Tell What Customers Really Think About Your Site

One of the most challenging things about being a website owner is trying to make sense of your analytics. You know how many people came to your site, how long they stayed, where they went and where they didn’t, and what your conversion rate is, but beyond that, how much can you say you know for certain?

It’s the classic, (and frustrating) problem facing site owners: you know a lot of what, but you don’t know any why. Do people like your web design? Are they not converting because they can’t find your return policy?

This is exactly the mystery TrustedSite Visitor Ratings helps you solve. It’s a free widget for website owners that helps them gain valuable insights into their visitors’ behavior.

So how does it work?

1. Sign up for TrustedSite


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Although anyone with a Google or Facebook account can submit reviews, only you, the site owner can read them. To see what your visitors are saying about your site, you’ll have to sign up for TrustedSite.

(If you have the McAfee SECURE trustmark, you don’t need to sign up. In your account, you can simply add the widget to your site with the click of a button.)

2. Visitors rate and review your site

When people rate sites, their friends will be able to see it.

When visitors come to your site, they’ll rate how much they trust it, and more importantly, they’ll tell you what you can do better in the comments.

They can do this either through our Chrome extension or through the feedback widget. Because Visitor Ratings work better for you when there are more of them, we recommend adding the widget, so more visitors can review you.

Feedback widget
The feedback widget provides site owners with valuable insight into consumer behavior.

3. See the reviews and make changes

The dashboard provides an overview of the TrustedSite service.

Based on the feedback, you’ll be able to draw on qualitative rather than purely quantitative insights (i.e. your analytics) to improve your visitors’ experience. Because you’ll know what the people want, your site will hit better numbers, have a lower bounce rate, and gain more visitor trust.

Wrapping up

It’s important to note that the widget is completely non disruptive. It doesn’t interfere with your site’s load time, lower your Google pagerank, or slow down your speed, due to its asynchronous technology. It’s just there to help you better understand your visitors, which in turn helps out your business.

To see the widget in action, check out the left hand side of this page. Otherwise, head over to TrustedSite to set up your account and see those Visitor Ratings!