Introducing McAfee SECURE Safe Browsing


We’ve never had small goals for the McAfee SECURE service. It’s always been about more than driving website engagement by building trust. Our bigger goal: building a safer Internet. We want to create an Internet where you can browse free of doubt and fear—one where the security and legitimacy of websites are known to all.

Today, we’re pleased to announce another step in that direction—our brand new (and free!) Safe Browsing plugin for Chrome. It’s an extension for Google’s browser that empowers web users like you by guiding them to safe, certified sites—and helping them avoid the bad ones.

Here’s what it does:

At its core, the Safe Browsing plugin validates McAfee SECURE certified sites, both in Google search results and on the Chrome browser. This lets you know that the site you’re on is genuinely part of the Safe Web. In other words, it tells you if you can trust and engage with the site.

Our goal is to help you know when they’re on a safe, certified site and when you’re not. With that in mind, we developed the Advise feature of the Safe Browsing extension. When the plugin can’t authenticate the security of a site you’re on, it offers you similar, alternative websites that are known to be secure. So you can keep going about your business—safely.

If you have the bad luck of going on to a site that isn’t secure, our plugin has your back. It lets you know when you’re on a potentially dangerous site, so you can get out before you click, download, or enter information you’d rather not have in the hands of hackers.

And security for all…

Information about a website’s security should be transparent and readily accessible for anyone online. That’s a prerequisite for having a truly safe Internet. And that’s why the McAfee SECURE Safe Browsing plugin is free for everyone. It doesn’t matter who you are—the Internet should be safe. And thanks to our plugin, in a small way, it’s getting there.

Get it in the chrome store today.