Announcing a new feature for the Safe Browsing extension

Connecting visitors to safe sites has always been central to what we do. That’s why we both certify sites as secure and help people find McAfee SECURE sites. It’s good for both the people, who do business with trustworthy websites, and it’s good for the websites, who see more business because their sites are safe.

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5 tips to help you maximize engagement

If you’re reading this, and you already have a McAfee SECURE site, you’re already way ahead of the competition. (If you don’t have have a certified site, there are many reasons that you should—including a 12% average conversion increase. Learn more here.)

But chances are, there’s more you can be doing to boost engagement and conversions. Why? Because using the trustmark correctly isn’t just a matter of putting it in a random place on your site and watching the conversions pile up. (Check out what placing the trustmark correctly did for some of our customers.)

This post will show you where and when to display it, so you’ll be getting the most engagement bang for your trustmark buck.

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McAfee SECURE + Shopify. One click away.

Today, we’re announcing a big step forward towards expanding the safe web: we’re now certifying Shopify sites for free. As one of the largest and most popular ecommerce platforms in the world, Shopify empowers hundreds of thousands of small businesses to sell over the internet.

To make things even easier, we built an app for Shopify that lets you get McAfee SECURE with one click. There’s no code to add, and installing the service won’t slow down your site. It’s just security certification that gives visitors the confidence they need to shop online.

To get the service, visit the Shopify app store. Happy selling, Shopify site owners!

McAfee SECURE Safe Browsing + Your Site = Better Business

We have a pretty simple outlook: Businesses do better when their sites do better. And sites do better when their visitors know they’re safe. That’s what the safe web is all about—building an ecosystem where consumers trust the websites where they do business.

That’s why we built the Safe Browsing plugin for Chrome, an exciting addition to the ecosystem that will benefit SECURE sites and their visitors alike.

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3 Ways The Trustmark Makes People Feel Safe

People who have concerns about their safety online—and that’s 97% of internet users—aren’t all the same. Some people only feel comfortable shopping at sites they’ve used before, while many others are reassured by security seals or badges. And because it’s our job to make all security-minded web users feel safe, our service addresses all different types of security concerns.

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