Build trust beyond security with TrustedSite reviews

Reviews are now integrated into the McAfee SECURE service

We’re excited to announce a huge improvement to the McAfee SECURE service: the McAfee SECURE trustmark hover window and verification page now include TrustedSite® reviews!

It’s another way to build trust with your visitors, and best of all, it’s completely free!

Why reviews matter

As McAfee SECURE customers, you’re already addressing your visitors’ security concerns. But when people decide where they’re going to shop online, they think about more than just security.

They’re worried about dependability, honesty, and trustworthiness.

They’re hesitant to hand over their credit cards to unknown stores. They’re concerned about shipping and product descriptions. They’re unsure if customer service will be accessible.

We call this problem the trust gap. This is all to say that earning a visitor’s trust requires something extra. It requires social proof.

And the strongest form of social proof is customer reviews.

Reviews are trusted

Customer reviews have become one of the most reliable, authentic, and trusted voices on the internet.

Nearly 9 in 10 people read reviews before making purchases online.

But it’s not just the number of people who read them. It’s how much they trust them.

A stunning 88% of people say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations—that’s the advice of family, friends, colleagues.

That’s why reviews are the perfect antidote to the trust gap.

Building visitor trust on site and off

We’ve added reviews in two key places visitors look if they have questions about how much they can trust a site: the hover window and the verification page. Not only will visitors be reassured of your site’s security, but they’ll also get the social proof they need to engage with your site.

In the McAfee SECURE trustmark hover window, your visitors can now see that not only is your site secure, but also that it has reviews from verified customers. It’ll make trusting your business easy.
Your reviews will also display on your site’s verification page, letting your most thorough visitors get the reassurance they need through security and social proof.

By default, your site’s reviews will display in both places. If you’d like to opt out, follow these instructions.

Start collecting reviews today

With TrustedSite reviews, you can collect reviews automatically to display on the verification page and hover window—absolutely free. Every time someone buys from your site, they’ll get an email requesting they leave a review. You can also display the review button for free, which is another place visitors can read and write reviews.

Get set up right from your McAfee SECURE account—just follow the instructions here.

If you’d like multiple beautiful ways to display your reviews, take a look at the TrustedSite Business plan.

Sell multiple products or services? The TrustedSite Ecommerce plan includes product reviews.