We’re now offering McAfee SECURE SSL for your website!



Today, we’re thrilled to announce we’re rolling out McAfee SECURE SSL certificates! You can now protect your customers — and their data — with one of the most recognized security brands in the world.

And that matters. Because according to GoDaddy, more than 50% of customers look for SSL certificates in the URL bar when they buy online. And if you don’t have it, you’re out of luck.

That’s why SSL certificates are so important. They both protect customers, and they make them more likely to buy.

Wait, what’s an SSL certificate, exactly?

You’ve seen the green padlock on your web browser. You’ve seen the green “https” that appears when you’re shopping online. That’s the sign that the site you’re on has a valid SSL certificate.

But an SSL certificate does way more than just make a green padlock appear in your URL. It’s a crucial step to protecting your customers, their data, and your business.

We do this by encrypting any and all data your customers send to your servers, making it extremely difficult for bad guys to intercept. That way, only you know how to read those credit card numbers, addresses, social security info, and other sensitive things that customers send you.


1. We use SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption

While only our uber-geeky security experts actually know what that means, the important thing is that it’s the strongest encryption on the market. That’s right. You and your customers are getting the best treatment out there.

2. We’ll help you do better in Google

While Google’s search ranking algorithm is top-secret, we do know that they favor sites that have a valid SSL certificate.

3. It integrates with the security system you already have

You’ll be able to monitor the status of your SSL certificate in the same security dashboard where you manage your McAfee SECURE certification.

4. How ’bout that price?

Our ultra-competitive price of $69 a year means you get to spend more of your resources on your business.

Get started today

What are you waiting for? If you don’t have an SSL certificate, you definitely need one. And if you’re already using another one, give McAfee SECURE SSL a look. We think you’ll love what you see.