We’re Improving TrustedSite Ratings

Last month, we rolled out an exciting new product called TrustedSite Visitor Reviews. Its goal is to crowdsource the reputation of all websites, especially those you’re not necessarily familiar with—new sites, small sites, less trafficked sites. We call these “the long tail of the Internet.”

By letting everybody rate and review sites, we’re helping make the Internet a safer, more trustworthy place. If you’ve had a great experience at a site and you rate it, everyone will know about it. And if you have a not-so-great experience and put it up on TrustedSite, everyone will know that too. That way, the good guys will gain more traffic and business, and the bad guys…well, they’ll lose.

We Listened to Your Feedback

But we knew our ratings system wasn’t 100% perfect the first time around, so we went out and got user feedback. We wanted to know what you liked about the service, and what you thought could be improved. And from all that, we’ve made some changes that we’re excited to share with you.

Introducing a new rating system

NR - Hover Window Copy

Previously, you scored a site from 1 to  5, from “completely trust” to “not at all trust.” But because we’re building a crowdsourced reputation platform, we’re tweaking the rating scale so it’s easier to tell others what you really think about a site . Now you rate sites that you Love, Like, Dislike, or Distrust.

Here’s what it all means:

Regina + Love Copy


Yes, please! This site is the best in class, and you want to tell your friends about it.

Love if: the customer service is above and beyond, or the content is extremely insightful and informative. You trust this site completely, and don’t think twice before entering your personal information, like email addresses and credit card numbers.

Stephen + Like Copy


You had mostly good experiences with the site, and there’s nothing wrong with it, but it isn’t perfect, and, it’s not a go-to site for you.

Like if: you’re willing to use it when necessary (maybe when a news story breaks and you want to quickly understand what’s going on) but you don’t visit regularly because there’s better stuff out there.

Zach + Dislike Copy


This site is what you’d call an “eh.” You generally stay away from it— but not because it’s dangerous. Instead it may simply have a poor user experience that is done better almost everywhere else.

Dislike if: you spend too much time tracking down the pages or information you’re looking for, if the people behind the site are really hard to get in touch with, or if you’re bombarded with popups or annoying ads.

Allison + Distrust Copy



You never go to these sites and you tell your friends to avoid them as well.

Distrust if: you think a site is unsafe, spams, or is potentially illegal.

Go try it out

Now that you know how the new rating system works, why not go out and rate a few sites (especially the ones people might not know about) using the Chrome extension. If you have some time, we’d love to get your feedback in the Chrome store as well!