Your McAfee SECURE Service Just Got a Whole Lot Better

We’ve got some big announcements to cover in this blog post, so buckle up. (Just kidding. All of the changes are good for you, the McAfee SECURE certification user.) We’ve got a new name, a new design, a new trustmark, and an announcement about a free service that we know you’ll like. Let’s get to it:

1. PathDefender is now TrustedSite

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 4.25.13 PM
We’ve got a shiny new name.

Until today, your McAfee SECURE service was operated by PathDefender. Now, we’re becoming TrustedSite. Additionally, the Trust Pack is becoming TrustedSite Pro.

So how does this affect you?

The first thing you should know is that your service will not be altered or interrupted because of this change. Everything you love about your McAfee SECURE service will stay the same. But, we’ve decided on this rebrand because TrustedSite more closely aligns with our larger goal of building a better Internet—where people stay safe, and where safe websites succeed.

2. TrustedSite Visitor Ratings are now in your dashboard.

The Ratings section lets you see your TrustedSite score.
The Ratings section lets you see your TrustedSite score.

TrustedSite Visitor Ratings help website owners gain insight into how much their visitors trust a site, which in turn can predict how likely they are to convert or buy from it. By getting visitors’ trust ratings, you’ll acquire the kind of market research that companies pay thousands of dollars for—and it’s all free. (We thought you’d like that.)

The more visitors that rate your site, the deeper and more accurate your insights are going to be, which means you’ll be able to make conversion-increasing changes based on actionable data.

That’s why it’s so important to verify your business on Doing so will let you see not only the score people gave your site, but also what they said about it in the comments (don’t worry — only you, the website owner, can see the individual ratings). This is the kind of feedback that most businesses would kill for, so make sure you verify!

3. Your dashboard just got a makeover

The new dashboard features a sleeker, more intuitive design.
The new dashboard features a sleeker, more intuitive design.

The crisp new design makes it incredibly easy for you to monitor your site’s status, identify issues, and make necessary adjustments.

Why did we do this? As businesspeople, we understand your time is precious. The new design is all about efficiency: getting in and optimizing your site—in as few clicks, and as little time as possible.

4. The free McAfee SECURE certification is widely available

As some of you may know, we offer a free version of the McAfee SECURE certification. Previously available exclusively to website owners who worked with our partners, we’re now offering it to anyone.

Along with free security scanning, the free version of the McAfee SECURE certification allows up to 500 visitors per month to see the certification trustmark, reminding visitors that your site is tested and certified to be safe. To get the free service, all you have to do is add a snippet of code to your site — it’s perfect for smaller websites or business that are just getting started.

Plus, when you upgrade, you’ll get unlimited visits, access to our full suite of trustmarks for an improved conversion rate, and your site will be highlighted in the Google search results of over 50 million of our users.

5. A better, smaller trustmark


We’ve recently rolled out a smarter trustmark that responds to your visitor experience, and better fits in with your web design. It’s visible when they need it, and minimized when they don’t.

After the first few seconds on a site, the McAfee SECURE trustmark becomes the discreet but globally-recognized McAfee shield logo—so visitors know your site is safe but aren’t distracted by the trustmark.

If they ever need to view it again, they can mouse over to see the full trustmark, or click to get off-site verification.

Wrapping Up

We know that’s a lot to take in, but all of this is good for you, the user. Take a look around your new dashboard to get a feel for it, or check out your site’s TrustScore to see what people are saying about your site and your business.