HostMetro Now Offers McAfee SECURE Certification

We’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with HostMetro to offer all of their customers the free version of the McAfee SECURE certification—a service built to boost clicks, downloads, sign ups, and sales for websites.

HostMetro customers can now add the McAfee SECURE service to their website with the click of a button—no code needed. Free users get access to the McAfee SECURE trustmark, weekly security screening and a listing in our SECURE Web directory.

If you’re a HostMetro customer, you can add the service by logging in to your account and selecting the McAfee shield logo (it’s located under the “Software & Services” section). Once you’ve chosen which websites you’d like to have certified, the McAfee SECURE trustmark will automatically be displayed to your first 500 visitors per month—alleviating security concerns and increasing conversions.

Learn more about the service here.