Announcing a New Feature for the Safe Browsing Extension


Connecting visitors to safe sites has always been central to what we do. That’s why we both certify sites as secure and help people find McAfee SECURE certified sites. It’s good for both the people, who do business with trustworthy websites, and it’s good for the websites, who see more business because their sites are safe.

It’s also why we developed the Safe Browsing extension for Google Chrome. In earlier posts, we explained how it works, and why it helps your business.

Today, we’re announcing the SSL check, a new feature for our Safe Browsing extension. If you have the Safe Browsing extension installed, the SSL check will warn you before you fill out a forms on pages that do not have an SSL certificate.

To understand why this is valuable, it helps to know what an SSL certificate is. SSL is a protocol that encrypts information when it is sent from a website’s browser to its servers. When you fill out a credit card form, for example, that information will be secure if the site has a valid SSL certificate.

That’s why it’s important to know if the form you’re filling out is on a site that uses SSL. Any information you send unencrypted can be “eavesdropped on” by bad guys, so it’s important to make sure sites have valid certificates.

Our SSL check is one of many exciting ways we’re keeping visitors safe. Watch this space for more updates for new McAfee SECURE certification products and updates.