How We Price the McAfee SECURE Certification (The 4 Risk Factors)


Not all websites are created equal. Some have thousands of pages and receive millions of hits every day, while others get less traffic but have a slew of intricate components, such as credit card forms. The way we price our McAfee SECURE certification service, therefore, has to account for the enormous variety of websites out there.

To accomplish this (very tricky) task, we created an assessment that looks at four major factors of a website. Based on the risk factors, we derive a score from 1-100, and from that score, we set a price. Higher scores mean higher prices, but a website that scores 16 will pay the exact same price as all the other websites that score 16. It doesn’t matter if your website looks and acts completely different from another website that scored the same—both will always pay the same price for certification.

The 4 Risk Factors Are:


What counts as “engagement?” Everything from loading a page, to clicking on links, to posting comments—all the way up to entering credit card info. Once we assess all of it, it’s simple: the more your website asks from visitors, the higher your engagement score will be.


Pages, pages, pages. And of course, the stuff that’s on them. The more you have, the more content we have to scan and certify. The more time and resources that go to use, the higher your size score.


A heavily trafficked website is that much more likely to attract unwanted attention than a lightly trafficked one, and we price that risk accordingly. So if you have two identical websites and one gets a million hits a day and the other gets a thousand? You guessed it—the popular site costs more to certify.


If you’ve been breached by hackers in the past 24 months, you’re more likely to be hit again. This risk factor also affects the price, and may even require you to undergo a security review with our team of experts before we feel comfortable certifying your website as secure.

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